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23 January 2018

Conduit is a solo exhibition with new work developed for the aip-lobby and gallery space. The works within Conduit deal with ideas related to climate control on both a micro and macro scale, contamination, prototype and productivity.


20 Years NICC

18 January 2018

A group exhibition celebrating 20 years of NICC (New International Cultural Centre, Brussels/Antwerp).
More info: http://www.nicc.be

Atlantic Appeal

Summer 2017

Porto to Glasgow: a 4000 kilometer solo bike ride from Portugal to Scotland - a sailing voyage without a boat -, tracking the entire European Atlantic coast for 6 weeks.

Croydon Horizon

May 2017

Comission for a permanent sculpture in public space. In collaboration with Abäke.

As the extension, so the force

28 September 2015

Solo-exhibition with new work, built around a variety of imagery sourced from a single untitled, erroneously classified and forgotten folder of images the artist recently re-discovered on an external hard drive. 

Private view: Thursday 01 October, 6.39pm - 8.31pm
Exhibition: 01-30 October, 2015

An Honest Parting of Ways

An exhibition of a new series of photographic works, comissioned by VAi (Flemish Architecture Institute) and deSingel.

Pen Pals - Unsanctioned Communications

29 August 2015

Contribution to Good Times & Nocturnal News #3 by Unsanctioned Comms, published on the occasion of TRUST: Copenhagen Art Festival 2015.

Planes of Flow

04 April 2015

Group exhibition in New Cross, with works by Ben Cain, John Henry Newton among others.

Six Days Of Disruption

01 May 2015

A forthcoming group exhibition in Camberwell, and a publication in collaboration with Camberwell Press. Dates TBA shortly.

Tan Lines

01 September 2014

Group exhibition at The Drawing Room, London.

The Lamp of Memory

02 March 2014

Group-exhibition curated by Cristina Ramos and Anne Sellers for Valantines Mansion, Ilford (UK) from 2 to 30 March 2014.

with Melissa Bugarella, Ana Cavic, Psykick Dancehall, 
Helmut Lemke, Agnieszka Polska & Tomas Kowalszki, Wouter Van der Hallen