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Born in Borgerhout, Belgium; lives and works in London, United Kingdom.
Wouter Van der Hallen holds an MFA from KASK School of Arts Ghent and completed the Visual Research program at St Lucas-Institute Antwerp. He's been involved in a number of artist-run spaces (as founder and co-director of REIS, co-initiator of Time To Meet, etc.) and together with Oscar Hugal he worked as a resident artist at the Kulturbunker Residency in Frankfurt am Main. In recent years artistic collaborations have increasingly shaped his practice. He's one half of Martin & Robin Novak-Smith, a proto-heteronym for an ongoing collaboration with artist Sophie Anson, and with writer Koen Sels he founded the fictional hardcore-punk band NO POETRY, split up and reformed as RHINE.

E - contact at woutervanderhallen.com
T - 0032477935483 (BE) or 00447716373124 (UK)

P - Dodoensstraat 29, 2140 Borgerhout / Van Immerseelstraat 11, 2018 Antwerpen / 34 Drayton Park, N5 1PB London

Selected Exhibitions
Six Days of Disruption, London 2016 / As the extension, so the force, Windowspace, Whitechapel, 2015 / Planes of Flow, Thelinvingroom, London, 2015 / Tan Lines, The Drawing Room, London, 2014 / In A Hinge Position, CASS-Bankspace, London, 2013 / MCP (with Yuki Kishino), Antwerp, 2012 / Kulturbunker AIR Ausstellung, Frankfurt am Main, 2012 / In the artists' absence, theCOLLECTIVE, Durban, 2012 / O que passou continua a mudar, Plataforma Revolver, Lisbon, 2011 / Lines and Crossings, Medea-BB15, Linz, 2010 / Reclaiming Spaces, Architektuforum Oberösterreich, Linz, 2010 / Playground Festival, Innsbruck, 2009 / Logement 10, Antwerp, 2009 / The Urban Tendency, P3-Exhibitions, London, 2008 / Error #10, Extra City Kunsthal, Antwerp, 2008 / Under Construction, MAS Museum aan de Stroom, Antwerp, 2008 / Place@space - NowHere, Z33, Hasselt, 2008 / Tijd-Zeit, S.M.A.K., Ghent, 2008 / ACADEMY. Douze Points, M HKA, Antwerp, 2007 / for 'i' in range:, Lokaal 01, Antwerp, 2007 / Ithaka, KUL-Catholic University Leuven, 2007 / Wouter Van der Hallen. Revisited, Galerie De Zwarte Panter, Antwerp, 2006 / Out of control, VUB-Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Brussels, 2006 / Ciao!, Netwerk Centre for Contemporary Art, Aalst, 2006

Grants, Awards and Residencies
Guest artist at Moving Image Studio, Royal College of Art London, 2013/ Development grant, funded by EU/Flanders DC, 2012 / Kulturbunker Artists Residency (with Oscar Hugal), Frankfurt am Main, 2011 / Board of Directors NICC, since 2009 / Van Marcke Photo Award (laureate), S.M.A.K. Ghent, 2008

Thank you: Jannes Van de maele, Oscar Hugal, Sophie Anson, David Price, Koen Sels, Aki Nagasaka, Riaan van Jaarsveldt, Shaun Gladwell & Tania Doropoulos, Nomi Unger Schrauwen, Susanna Smailova, Bie & Erik, Geert & Barbara, Tiago Almeida, Yuki Kishino, Scott Rogers & Sarah Rose, Carl Palm, Lucas Norer, Tom Benson, Bianca Baldi, Melanie Mathieu, Dennis Daems, Maarten De Smet, Georges Lieben, Mathias Bastiaensen, Werner Van dermeersch, José Kennes, Elena Gucas, Tim Knapen, Josine De Roover, Guillaume Bijl & Uli Lindmayr, Felix De Clerck, Jonas De Rauw, Bart De Baere, Adriaan Van der Hallen, Veronik Willems, Tom Boiy, Ben Van den Berghe, Glenn Geerinck, Rinus Van de Velde, G. Leddington, Patrick Lacey